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Slay the Spire Games is a roguelike game that uses to coordinate with the player. Indeed, even when the game was first launched as early access, it ended up being an incredibly fun game. However, for the individuals who are not ready for a test, it may very well be a battle to finish a run even once. It’s essential to think that Slay the Spire is a game that especially has that ‘only one more’ attitude.

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So for those of you who wish to finish it by any means or who just can’t climb rising positions. You can enjoy the losses and can go for senseless collaborations. Pick the irregular choices given to you that might wreck your run or win it for you. Kill the Spire is a game that urges you to play various runs of it. So enjoy anything it chooses to offer you. Since you should rest assured that it will choose to end your run when it needs to, now and again. In this article I have jotted down some expert tips for Slay the Spire you should be well aware of.

How to use Slay the Spire commands?

You will need to enable the debug console before being able to use these commands. You can do this by changing a setting in your game files, or by installing a DLC.

  • In the main menu, press F1 and listen closely for “Trainer Activated”.
  • This opens up the ability to press the desired hotkey.
  • Press Numpad 1 to set your Health.
  • Press Numpad 2 to set your gold amount.
  • Press Numpad 3 to set the number of cards you can play.
  • Press Numpad 4 to Get Unlimited Energy.

Slay the Spire Console Commands List

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
AdrenalineHave 9 Energy during a single turn of combat.15
Ascend 0Unlock Ascension mode.10
Ascend 10Complete Ascension Level 10.15
Ascend 20Complete Ascension Level 20.75
BarricadedHave 999 Block during combat.15
CatalystApply 99 or more Poison on a single enemy.15
Come At MeWin a combat without playing an Attack.15
Common SenseBeat the game with a deck containing no uncommons or rares.25
EmeraldBeat the game with the Silent.20
Emerald+ (secret)Complete the Ending with the Silent.50
Eternal One (secret)Obtain all other Achievements100
FocusedHave 25 or more Focus during combat.25
ImperviousHave 99 or more Block during combat.15
InfinityPlay 25 cards in a single turn.15
JaxxedHave 50 or more Strength during combat.15
MinimalistBeat the game with a 5 card deck or smaller.25
My Lucky DayWin a Daily Climb.15
NeonChannel 9 Plasma in a single turn.25
NinjaPlay 10 Shivs in a single turn.15
Ooh Donut!Finish Donu with a Feed.25
PerfectDefeat a boss without taking any damage.15
PlagueDefeat 3 enemies with Poison in a single combat.10
PowerfulHave 10 or more buffs during combat.15
PurityHave 3 or fewer cards in hand, draw, and discard pile combined.15
RubyBeat the game with the Ironclad.20
Ruby+ (secret)Complete the Ending with the Ironclad.50
SapphireBeat the game with the Defect.20
Sapphire+ (secret)Complete the Ending with the Defect.50
Shrug It OffWin a battle with 1 HP remaining.15
Speed ClimberBeat the game in under 20 minutes.25
The Automaton (secret)Defeated the Bronze Automaton.10
The Boss (secret)Defeated the Slime Boss.10
The Champion (secret)Defeated the Champ.10
The Collector (secret)Defeated the Collector.10
The Crow (secret)Defeated the Awakened One.15
The End?Complete the Ending with the Ironclad, Silent, and Defect.50
The Ghost (secret)Defeated Hexaghost.10
The Guardian (secret)Defeated the Guardian.10
The PactExhaust 20 cards in a single combat.15
The Shapes (secret)Defeated Donu & Deca.15
The Time Eater (secret)Defeated the Time Eater.15
The TransientDefeat the Transient before it fades away.25
Who Needs Relics?Beat the game with a single relic.25
You Are NothingDefeat a boss on turn 1.15

Cheats & Commands Benefits

Using cheat codes makes your game more interesting and entertaining. One of the biggest advantages of this code is that it challenges the players to play the game. And for winning the challenge they enter the codes.

You can also use these codes to have extra energy in the game. It helps in defeating the opponent quickly. The website has this modern feature in which a list of cheats is already available for its players. These codes also speed up your game and can learn a lot of gaming experience.

Cheats Xbox  

East ‘come at me’ achievement:

When you come across the thief, block until he leaves with your gold, this will be victory, Pick the Defect then play only skit cards in the first battle, it will be easily managed in the first act as the passive damage from your orbs and cards like the dual cast will make you win the battle.

Cheats ios  

When fighting some dudes and death is inevitable, save and quit and return to start from the beginning of the fight, with the same RNG every time (same card draw, same potion cards, and same attack patterns). You can effectively “scout the future” before deciding on the best way to beat the boss.

When you are fighting and are about to die, save and quit and return to the start with the same RNG, you can scout the future before picking the best way to beat the boss

Cheats android 

The Spire keeps changing, when you start a journey up the Spire, the layout changes every time, choose a dangerous or a safe path, come across various enemies and fight different bosses.  

Cheat codes 

To unlock cards and relics quicker:

Play the game as far as possible, until the last campfire before the last boss on dungeon level 3, Save-scum-save the game, fight against the final boss, save-scum, start the game, you will get the save-scum experience again

Slay the spire secret technique  

It is the neutral skill card

Is there an end to Slay the spire?

There are three ways it could end and about six endings.

How to summon spirit in sims 4?  

Use a séance circle which is visible once your sim maxes out the medium skill to level 5

HOW TO SPAWN CARDS AND RELICS! | Slay the Spire: Debug Console Tutorial


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