Dead Space Remake Console Commands

For players looking to take advantage of the many features of this game, there are console commands that can be used to enhance the experience. You can activate god mode, infinite ammo, and many other features with these codes. Whether you’re playing on PC, Xbox One, or PS3, these will give you the edge you need to complete the game.

With these codes, you can access weapons, powers, and other goodies to make your journey through space, even more, fun and exciting.

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How to use the commands?

Using console commands can be a great way to enhance your DS experience. With console commands, you can customize game settings such as difficulty, and graphics quality, and even control your character’s movements.

  • Use the tilde (~) key to open the console.

From there you will have access to a wide variety of commands that you can use to customize your game experience. Some of the most useful console commands are: “give all” which gives your character all the weapons and items in the game; “set speed” which controls your character’s speed; and “set gravity” which allows you to control the gravity in the game.

By mastering the console commands for DS, you can customize your experience and become a true master of the game.

Console Commands List

Function Commands
1,000 credits - X, X, X, Y, X.
2,000 credits - X, X, X, Y, Y.
5,000 credits -X, X, X, Y, X, Y
10,000 credits - X, Y, Y, Y, X, X, Y.

Commands Benefits:

These commands offer an easy way to boost your gaming experience. With these DS codes, you can save time, progress further in the game, and enjoy a more relaxed gaming session overall. For example, using the DS code for ammo can provide you with unlimited ammo so that you don’t need to keep searching for extra weapons as you move through levels.

Cheat Engine: 

It is a powerful tool for users that allows them to use commands in DS, including god mode and infinite ammo. By using this Engine, players can unlock a variety of codes for the game, including those for pc, ps3, and Xbox 360.

God Mode

Player characters become invincible when they use this command.

Codes PS3

This command will enable a variety of codes for the PS3 version of the game.


Dead Space’s spawning code is one of its most popular features. You can spawn items, weapons, and other items using codes on the PC and other platforms

  • Use enter “give all” and then enter the number or item code you wish to spawn.
  • use the codes “give all” or “give all items” to get an infinite amount of ammo and money.

Infinite Ammo: 

Xbox 360 players will be able to use unlimited ammunition with this command.

About the Game

Dead space is an iconic horror-sci-fi game franchise created by EA Games. It features intense action, engaging puzzles, and a thrilling story.

The series has been praised for its atmosphere and visuals. The DS trilogy was released on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and is now available on the latest consoles like Xbox One and PS4.

Level Six Suit Schematic

It would be best if you beat the games already on regular difficulties to get access to the Stage 6 Suit Prototype.


Dead Space is a great game, and a must-play if you’re interested in horror games. The space setting was well done, and the weapons were fun to use. There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the story, making it very interesting to read.

Overall, DS did a terrific job of immersing the player in its world—and that makes for a very fun gaming experience. It is one of the best sci-fi horror games on PC today. This is one to pick up if you like science-fiction thrillers or survival horror games.

What are some codes combinations?

Look at the quick and easy codes and commands that you can use on PC and XBOX.

How To Unlock Impossible Mode in DS Remake?

In the Dead Space remake, not at all like in past DS games, there is no necessity to open the Unimaginable Mode. The Inconceivable Trouble level is accessible from the very beginning of the game. Already, you needed to play through the whole game no less than once on any trouble level to open the Inconceivable Mode.

Fortunately, things have changed, and presently there is no obvious explanation not to appreciate. Furthermore, in this mode, biting the dust isn’t a choice. Since there are no autosaves, on the off chance that you pass on, the game will either restart all along or give you the option to progress forward with Hard Trouble.

What are some Codes For PlayStation? 

Here are a few codes that you can use on PlayStation.

Dead Space Remake Console Commands

How To Save a Game In DS Remake? 

Nobody would need to lose their well-deserved progress and thus your apprehension about losing it is very reasonable. Fortunately, there are such countless reserve funds focused on the Ishimura so you will not need to stress over this. You should simply physically utilize one of these save focuses and you will want to save progress in DS Change.

On the other hand, you will have the autosave highlight that you are playing the game at a lower difficulty. As it’s not the very best thing to depend on and we would prescribe you utilize the save focuses to save the game physically.

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