Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands

We have compiled a list of the Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands for you to check out and try. Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands are fun to use in the game and can be used on Obsidian Entertainment, Pillars of Eternity, and Console commands. Some famous commands of the game include PS5, item list. We also explain what each code does, the walkthrough, and how to use it below

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How to use Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands?

To use the commands easily, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • To open the game, press the tilde key on your keyboard and the console window will pop up.
  • Type the command you want into the window and make sure you use the right syntax, like spaces and any extra info you need.
  • Some commands might need extra stuff like item names and numbers, so check the documentation for that.
  • After you type the command, press “Enter” and the game will respond to it.
  • You can look for messages, events, or changes based on what the command does.
  • When you’re done, hit the ~ key again and the window will close.

Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands List

AddExperienceAddExperience [amount]Assigns the given experience points to your character(s)
UnlockAllUnlockAllUnlocks all locked chests and doors located in the vicinity of the player.
ToggleGodModeToggleGodModeIt grants immunity to the player's characters, making them impervious to damage.

Cheats & Commands Benefits

Console commands in Pillars of Eternity provide cheats and advantages to improve gameplay. These commands provide shortcuts to resources, items, and powers, allowing for quicker progress and experimentation. These commands can be used to spawn items, modify character characteristics, and control the game environment. However, overuse of these commands may compromise the intended difficulty and experience.

Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands Game Summary

Console commands in Pillars Of Eternity enrich gameplay by providing players with access to a variety of cheats and alterations. Available via the tilde (~), these commands can be used to spawn items, customize characters, and modify in-game features.

From obtaining items to changing character stat changes and even teleportation, console commands provide players with a wide range of tools for experimentation and ease of use. However, excessive use of these commands can detract from the original difficulty and progression of the game.

Therefore, it is important to be mindful of how to balance the use of console commands for recreational purposes with preserving the intended experience of playing the acclaimed Role-playing game.

What Are Pillars of Eternity Console Commands?

Console commands are text commands that you can use with the tilde (~) key to change the game by giving items, changing attributes, or triggering events.

Are Console Commands Safe?

They improve the gameplay, but overuse can throw off the game’s equilibrium. It’s best to use them sparingly and think about save file backups.

Do Console Commands Affect Achievements?

Yes, console commands often prevent you from achieving achievements. It is recommended to use console commands in separate games to prevent conflicts with achievement progress.


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