Pokemon Scarlet Sword Locations

We have compiled a list of the Pokemon Scarlet Sword Locations for you to check out and try. These locations can be discovered by any player using the guide we have provided. You can take any route and use any map to get to these locations. We tell you how to get to shrine locations, map, and green stakes. Discover many items and even learn to get respawned in the game using this pdf guide we provide. Consider this to be a Walkthrough for all locations in the game.

Note: You must have some basic knowledge about different locations(from Pokedex or by playing the game) to understand all the maps we’ve listed. Please find all the locations below

Pokemon Scarlet Sword Locations List

Here is the list of all locations and the guides:

  • North Province (Area One) and North Province (Area Two)
  • Casseroya Watchtower No. 3
  • Asado Desert
  • North Province (Area Two)

North Province (Area One) and North Province (Area Two) : In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, North Province (Area One) is located to the east of Glaseado Mountain. North Province (Area Two) is a rough area in the same region.

Casseroya Watchtower No. 3: Casseroya Watchtower No. 3 is on a cliff to the northeast, near Glaseado Mountain. It’s between Casseroya Falls and Glaseado’s Grasp.

Asado Desert: Asado Desert is a big desert in Paldea. It covers part of the West Province and has the city of Cascarrafa in it.

North Province (Area Two): North Province (Area Two) is a rough area in the Paldea region’s northern part. It links to North Province (Area One) in the north and West Province (Area Three) in the south.

Where is Swords Dance TM?

You can find Swords Dance TM (TM88) in the middle of a small lake inside a crater in North Province (Area One) and North Province (Area Two), where many Pokemon live.

How do I get Swords Dance?

You can get Swords Dance by defeating the Team Star Fighting Crew. After that, it will be added to your craftable TM list in the TM Machine.

Can I make more copies of Swords Dance?

Yes, you can make more copies of Swords Dance at any Pokemon Center’s TM Machine once you have obtained a copy of TM088 – Swords Dance.

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