Pokemon Violet Legendary Locations

Pokemon Violet introduces the series’ first fully connected open world, which is teeming with hidden objects for players to discover. One of those hidden things is the legendary Pokemon that can be found in each of the four shrines that can be found in the Paldea region. You must find eight stakes throughout the region to reach each shrine.

Pokemon Violet Legendary Locations List

Grasswither Shrine (purple): You must find the eight equivalent purple stakes and pull them out of the earth to reveal the Grasswither Shrine, which is purple and is situated in the southern part of Paldea. Wo-Chien, a legendary Dark/Grass Pokemon that resembles a snail, is kept in this temple.

Icerend Shrine (yellow): On Paldea’s western outskirts, close to where the Open Sky Titan battle takes place, is where you may find the yellow Icerend Shrine. The legendary Dark/Ice type Pokemon Chien-Pao, which resembles a sabertooth tiger, is kept in this temple.

Groundblight Shrine (green): North of Casseroya Lake, among the marshlands, is where you may find the green Groundblight Shrine in Paldea’s northwest. Ting-Lu, a legendary Dark/Ground Pokemon with moose- or deer-like features, may be found at this place of worship.

The blue Firescourge Shrine: May be found in Paldea’s northeastern quarter, to the east of the snowy region. The legendary Dark/Fire type Chi-Yu, which resembles a small goldfish, can be found inside the Firescourge Temple.

Where can I find Legendaries in Pokemon Violet?

The Treasures of Ruin, sometimes referred to as the Shrine Legendaries, are a group of four legendary Pokemon that are part of an old Paldean myth. One of the four Paldea Provinces contains a shrine that houses one of the Treasures of Ruin from each collection.

Do Pokemon Violet have Legendaries?

Miraidon and Koraidon are the first two box legendary Pokemon that players will be able to encounter in Scarlet and Violet. After facing it in the Area Zero quest’s final battle, you can find the second version of the box legendary from your game.

Which Pokemon legendary can I find where?

There are only four definite ways to catch Legendary Pokemon because of their methods: Giovanni’s questline, 5-Star Raids, Special Research assignments, and prize encounters. Legendary encounters can also be obtained through events, festivals, and time-limited tasks.

Which kind is Koraidon?

The Legendary Paradox Pokemon Koraidon was first seen in Generation IX. It is a dual-type Fighting/Dragon Pokemon.

Is the Roaring Moon a legend?

Roaring Moon must step into some huge shoes as the Past Paradox version of a pseudo-legendary, but it succeeds thanks to an improved stat distribution and amazing ability.

Which is better, Scarlet or Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet is a great option if you want a game with a more old vibe. Pokemon Violet is a better option if you want a game with a more modern vibe. For me, Pokemon Scarlet or Violet are the best choices because they have exclusive Pokemon.

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In Pokemon Violet, which Pokemon is the rarest?

Sinistea Antique Form. Sinistea’s Antique Form has now won the title of the rarest Pokemon in back-to-back games, which may have surprised you given that it is a Gen 8 Pokemon.

Does Suicune appear in Pokemon Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have at last revealed two new Paradox Pokemon that are accessible through tera raids after teasers in the regular game. Scarlet contains the prehistoric Suicune known as Walking Wake, while Violet has the modern Virizion known as Iron Leaves.

In Pokemon Violet, what level are the legendaries?

You should watch out for the legendary’s Beads of Ruin ability, which reduces the Special Defence of your fighting Pokemon by 25%. The legendary and the rest of the Ruinous Quartet will both be at level 60.

How do you refer to the violet legend?

Miraidon and Koraidon are the two primary Scarlet and Violet legendaries, with Miraidon serving as Scarlet’s mascot and Koraidon as Violet’s.

Is Miraidon visible in violet?

Players must exercise care because they cannot obtain another Miradon similar to this one, even if it is possible to capture two Miradons in Pokemon Violet.

Like all other Pokemon, this Miraidon functions regularly and may be caught, boxed, and traded as usual.

Is Koraidon rideable in violet?

Koraidon and Miraidon can be ridden by trainers, which is a major improvement in speed over walking. Players can also discover Koraidon and Miraidon’s abilities to climb, swim, and glide, and we’ll explain how to achieve that.

What Legendaries are in Violet?

Koraidon, Miraidon, Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, & Chi-Yu.

Roaring Moon: Is it a legend?

Roaring Moon must step into some huge shoes as the Past Paradox version of a pseudo-legendary, but it succeeds thanks to an improved power distribution and amazing ability.


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