Pokemon Violet Stake Locations

If you are looking for an easy way to get access to ominous stake locations then you are a true Pokemon enthusiast. As a Pokemon player, you must know that violet stakes in the game lead to unlocking different shrines and catching a legendary Pokemon named Wo-Chien for a battle.

This is an addition of a puzzle in the game where you get to collect different colors of stakes and unlock the shrines of these specific colors. And that’s how you win the ruins treasure. This will make the legendary Pokemon battling more interesting and challenging.

Pokemon Violet Stake Locations List

The Violet colored stakes are scattered all over different locations. To make it easier for you to find them, here is a list of all areas to get access to eight Violet stakes.

East to Mesagoza

When you reach the Mesagoza, head towards the East to find a Violet stake. It can be located anywhere around the area.

Northside of Mesa Biome

Travel to the northern side of Mesa Biome where you will find a Violet stake located in a grassy area.

Past Artisan

You have to climb the higher area which is located the Southwest of the Artisan.

Near the floodgate

There is a Violet stake to be collected near the floodgate on a cliff. It is located around 7’O o’clock in Mesagoza.

Los platos

Another Violet stake can be collected near Los Platos specifically in the Northeast area. The location must be surrounded by greenery.

Around Mesagoza

Another Violet stake is found near Mesagoza on a higher area towards the Southeast direction.

Lake in Los Platos

One of the Violet stakes can be found around the lake located in Las Platos. Preferably on the lower side.

The purple shrine

The last Violet stake is located directly on top of the purple shrine. It can be found easily in higher areas by climbing.

How many shrines are there in Pokemon Violet?

The total number of shrine locations in Pokemon is 4. Every Shrine has 8 stakes to be collected of the same color as its shrine.

How many Pokemon are there in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet?

In Scarlet and Violet, there is a total of 400 types of Pokemon to catch. However, the player needs special powers to get them all. Because some of the Pokemon there are not available in some versions. You can try trading to catch the maximum number of Pokemon along with the rare ones.

How to unlock Chi-Yu?

To have a battle with Chi-Yu, a legendary Pokemon you will need to find and unlock the blue shrine. To open them, you need to pull 8 stakes of the same color as the shrine. You can get help from your map if it’s been marked for all the blue stake locations by the professor.

After collecting the stakes, you will get access to the blue shrine and can unlock the legendary Pokemon Chi-Yu. Make sure to get help from the professor for a boost in your hustle

How to unlock Chien-Pao in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The legendary Pokemon can be accessible for battle only after unlocking the shrines. There are four different shrines located in the game. They can be opened by collecting the same colored stakes. For Chein Pao, all 8 yellow stakes are needed to unlock it from its yellow shrine.

Where to find the yellow stakes?

The yellow stake locations can be found mostly across the lower side of the map. By collecting all eight stakes, you can get a chance to battle with Chien-Pao, a legendary Pokemon of 60 levels. It is a type with dark and icy powers.

Where is the legendary Pokemon Wo-Chien located in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Wo-Chien, the legendary Pokemon is found in the purple shrine also known as the Grasswither shrine. Wo-Chien is a snail Pokemon with dark powers. It’s a legendary Pokemon of grass. To Battle with it, you need to pull all 8 purple stakes to unchain the shrine.

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Where do you find the Legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The legendary Pokemon can be found after unlocking the shrines. These shrines can be unlocked after pulling 8 stakes of the same color as the shrine. The stakes are hidden in different locations that you have to find. After collecting and unlocking all the shrines there is a reward available as the Treasure ruins.

Will Charmander be in Pokemon Scarlet?

As the other Pokemon characters are available in the wild, Charmander is not accessible in this form. Fortunately, he can be added as a member of your team. Because Charmander is a very special and legendary character in Pokemon, It is not easily accessible In the wild like other Pokemon.


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