Pokemon Go Best Locations 

In Pokemon Go, the most fun part is to discover and catch the most unique and special Pokemon. Turns out that it is complicated to locate these rare Pokemon.

In this article, we have made it easy for you to spot the best locations. Not only it make it easy but it also saves time for you in searching the best Pokemon go coordinates for rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go Best Locations List

Following are the filtered-out lists of high cp Pokemon coordinates.

California pier 39

In the USA, the best location for the respawning of special Pokemon is in California. Make sure to look around for the appearance of rare Pokemon. There’s a 99% chance to find the rare Pokemon in this location.

New York

The next best location where you can find your most wanted Pokemon is New York. The city is filled with so many beautiful spots and you can have a good time while looking for respawning rare Pokemon.

Porto Alegre

In Brazil, the best place to find rare water Pokemon is Porto Alegre. The location is very exquisite and provides a perfect opportunity to catch some rare Pokemon.


One of the best locations to find special Pokemon is Peru in Chancey. It is very easy to catch a Pokemon in that area because there is a lot of space in this historical place.


In Brazil, you can find rare Pokemon in Consolacao. This location is filled with adventures and an opportunity to find the rarest Pokemon there.


In Spain, Zaragoza is one of the best locations in Pokemon Go for winning raids. The reward after winning is in the form of a legendary Pokemon.


You can find a raiding area in India which is one of the best locations in Pokemon Go. This spot is situated in Brazil.


In Japan, Tokyo is an amazing raiding area in Pokemon Go. There are many opportunities to participate in multiple raids in Tokyo.

Where do you get High CP coordinates in Pokemon Go?

You can get 3000 CP Pokemon coordinates and even higher from well-known places, especially in the USA, Brazil, and Japan. Now you know all the locations of high CP coordinates in Pokemon Go.

Where can I find legendary Pokemon?

A legendary Pokemon is rewarded after winning a raid battle in a legendary Pokemon coordinate. These raids are available in different locations that you must find to win a legendary Pokemon.

Where can I find rare Pokemon coordinates?

Finding a rare and unique Pokemon is a dream of every Pokemon Go player. But the key to finding these special Pokemon is to locate the areas where these rare Pokemon respawn. The highest expected places for the appearance of these rare ones are the USA and Brazil. The spots specifically Central Park coordinate Pokemon Go and California. Peru is also one of those coordinates.

What are the best coordinates to find shiny Pokemon?

In San Francisco, there is the best location to find shiny Pokemon specifically Pier 39. This place has an abundant amount of opportunities to catch a water Pokemon. These are the shiny ones that people find rare to catch. Make sure you search the area to find your rare shiny Pokemon.

Is shiny mew rare?

Yes, the shiny new is the rarest and hard-to-find Pokemon. Keep in mind to take advantage of this article in finding the best coordinates. These specific locations have the highest rate of rare Pokemon respawning. By exploring and raiding through these places you can have a high chance of finding shiny rare Pokemon.

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Where do you get high CP coordinates in Pokemon?

In Brazil, there is a higher chance of encountering one of the rarest Pokemon respawns. Consolacao is the best location in Brazil for catching rare Pokemon. In this area, the players can get an amazing opportunity to catch all kinds of Pokemon like regional and special with high CP.

Do Pokemon have CP limits?

Any average Pokemon can evolve maximum to level 35. The trainer can make a wild Pokemon reach its maximum level. But after level 35 the Pokemon cannot increase its evolution further. However, some legendary Pokemon might have a different CPU limit.

Can a Pokemon lose its CP?

Yes, a Pokemon might start decreasing its CP due to continuously losing in the battles. Slowly, the Pokemon loses its powers and the strength also decreases due to low CP.

Should I delete low-CP Pokemon?

Pokemon with low CP can be defenseless and unimportant due to their weak performance in battles. What you can do is exchange low CP Pokemon with higher CP Pokemon to gain advantages during battles.


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