Crystal Marrow Locations 

Are you a Genshin Impact player looking for a way to make your character stronger? Then you must know that collecting crystal marrows is the way to upgrade the strengths and qualities of your character. But how to get crystal in Kenshin? For that, you need to understand the concept of finding the Crystal farming route.

Once you get ahold of a crystal leading track then you will easily collect a large number of marrows from specific locations. There are many areas that you can collect crystals from and there is also a respawning time for them to appear.

Crystal Marrow LocationsList

Following are some main areas where you can find the crystals. These crystals will support your character with strength and efficiency.

Inazuma map

In Teyvat there is a nation called Inazuma. These crystals are mostly found within the Inazuma map, and the farming areas are also located inside. These are helpful when they are on the verge of respawning.

Yashiori island

Inside the Inazuma map, there is a respawning area for crystals called Yashiori Island where a large number of crystals can be collected. This island is a special place where these crystals can be farmed and collected.

Serpent’s head

According to the map of Inazuma, an area for quests inside Yashiori island is the serpent’s head. The players need to travel from the serpent’s head where the chance to gather 12 chunks of crystal marrow is very high.

Teleport waypoint

Another route to find the farming area for Crystal is to head east from the teleport waypoint. From there, it will be easy to find the track of the crystals which comes easily to the player while finding the directions.

Jakotsu mine

This area is a puzzle mine and the chances of finding more than one crystal around the Jakotsu mine are very low. But if you find the spot you can get access to one marrow.

Fort Fujitsu

This is one of the farming and respawning areas of the crystal inside Yashiori island. The crystals are scattered around Fort Fojitsou and the chances of finding them in surrounding areas are very high.

Orobashi’s bones

There is also a potential of finding two of the crystal marrows around Orobashi’s bones. You can also look out for them by climbing, as the respawning usually occurs in higher areas as well.


The spawning areas of crystal in Tartarasuna are scattered all over. To collect all of them you should look for them in all directions. However, make sure to cover all the higher areas by climbing as there is more potential for finding the crystals on higher reach.

How to get crystal marrow without Inazuma?

Crystal are only available inside the Inazuma map and they are scattered all over different locations and respawn in some farming routes. According to the map, most of the crystals are found on Yashiori island and in its surrounding areas. Some of them can respawn along the routes of the serpent’s head, Orobashi’s bones, and other mines inside the Island.

Where to buy crystal marrow?

Unfortunately, there is no process for buying or selling crystal but then you might ask how to get crystal Kenshin. The only way to collect crystals is to find them by exploring the Inazuma map. You can also keep track of farming routes of crystal mostly in Yashiori island.

What characters use crystal marrow?

A specific player Sayu in Genshin Impact can be ascended with the help of crystal. These crystals help the player to unlock higher levels of strength and specialties. However, due to the respawning time of the crystal, it takes several days to get access to many crystals to level up the character all the way.

Is Sayu worth getting?

Sayu from Genshin Impact has elemental powers and healing powers that make her a very useful character and can be ascended by crystal. Collecting as many crystals increases her levels of strength. These qualities make Sayu worth getting and are highly useful in the game.

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Where can you find the crystal marrows?

You can gather a large number of crystals inside the Inazuma map.

What happens if you reach the Yashiori island?

If you reach this location and explore it then it will be very easy for you to find the farming route and can get hold of almost 65 crystal.

Which route in the serpent’s head leads to crystal?

The two routes of the serpent’s head lead to finding crystal which are on the East and West.

How does teleporting help in collecting crystals?

With the help of teleporting, you can explore the higher areas as well where the chances of gathering crystals are very high in certain regions.


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