All Gimmighoul Chest Locations

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there is an advantage of finding these chests that can be collected to unlock special Pokemon. These chests are spread in different areas and we have to find all gimmighoul coin locations. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet provide access to turn the gimmighouls collected into Gholdengo. Special Pokemon can be purchased or traded with these coins.

These chests are waiting to be found and collected by the players. To find these quickly, this article will help you by providing directions to these chest locations.

Gimmighoul Chest Locations List

Following are the main Gimmighoul locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Near Poco Path Lighthouse

On level 5, this chest can be found in area 1. You need to look around the poco path lighthouse preferably on the Northside to spot a chest to be collected near a tree.

Watchtower 1

On level 5, this chest can be found around area 5. It is located in a higher area of the watchtower.

Watchtower 2

There is another chest located at the watchtower preferably on the South side of area 3. It is available in level 10.

Watchtower 3

In area one, you can collect a chest at the watchtower on the East side. It is available in level 15.

Pokemon center

On level 15, you can find a chest located in area 2. Preferably to the Southwest of the Pokemon Center.

Eastern area

On level 25, you can collect a chest which is located at the watchtower of area 3

Lake island

On level 50, there is a tiny island where the chest is located in the middle. Surrounded by a lake in area 2.

Ruins of the North

On level 50, a very important chest is located somewhere inside the ruins. It is near the watchtower in area one.

Level 50 area 1

A chest can be found on level 50 at the area one watchtower. The top location of Northside.

Glaseado mountain

On level 35, you can find a chest on Watchtower Glaseado Mountain.


One of the chests can be found near the waterfall on level 35. It is located near Pokemon Center Montenevera, preferably on the West side.

Dalizapa Passage

On level 35, one of the chests can be found on a mountain between the ruins in area 3. The location is extending the Dalizapa Passage.

Casseroya Lake

You can find a chest above Casseroya Lake on the third watchtower on level 50.

Casseroya Lake 2

At the second watchtower of level 50, a chest can be found at the Casseroya lake.

Casseroya watchtowers

On level 50, a chest can be found inside the ruins of two Casseroya watchtowers.

Casseroya watchtower

One of the chests can be found near the first watchtower of Casseroya Lake on level 50.

Socarrat trail

On the higher area of level 50 near Casseroya Lake, a chest can be found on top of the Socarrat trail.

Colonnade Hollow

On level 60, one of the most difficult chests to be collected is located between the upper side of Colonnade Hollow.

Asado desert

A  chest on level 20 is found in the Asado desert between the Northern ruins.

Near Porto Marinade

In area 2, a chest is located On Long Island near Porto Marinada. Look in the Northern direction of it and it is available on level 25.

Area one

On level 15 of area one, a chest can be collected from the watchtower.

Paldea tower

One of the chests can be collected from the leaking Paldea tower of area 6. It is available on level 40.

Watchtower of South

On level 15, you can collect a chest from the watchtower of area 4.

How to evolve Gimmighoul coins?

The process of Gimmighoul coin trading is basically about collecting 999 coins. And all these coins can be leveled up and traded to get a Gholdengo. Make sure you don’t waste your Gimmighoul coins for something unnecessary. You can only evolve after collecting all 999 coins again.

Can you find Gimmighoul’s chest in Pokemon Go?

Gimmighoul location Pokemon Go is not available at the moment. These chest and coin system is available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How long does it take for a Gimmighoul to respawn in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

If you are wondering why the chests not respawning in the game, then you are probably expecting it a little early. A Gimmighoul usually respawns after a whole day.

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How long is 24 hours in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Around 72 hours pass between day and night in Pokemon Scarlet. But it also depends on the respawning period of different rewards and evolutions.


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