Pokemon Soul Silver Locations

We have compiled a list of the Pokemon Soul Silver Locations for you to check out and try. These locations can be discovered by any player using the guide we have provided. You can take any route and use any map to get to these locations. We tell you how to get to map, locations by route, and walkthrough. Discover many items and even learn to get respawned in the game using this pdf guide we provide. Consider this to be a Walkthrough for all locations in the game.

Note: You must have some basic knowledge about different locations(from Pokedex or by playing the game) to understand all the maps we’ve listed. Please find all the locations below

Pokemon Soul Silver Locations List

Here is the list of all locations and the guides:

  • New Bark Town
  • Cherrygrove City
  • Violet City
  • Azalea Town
  • Goldenrod City
  • Ecruteak City
  • Olivine City

New Bark Town: Your hometown is where your journey begins.

Cherrygrove City: A little town by the sea that has a Pokemon Center and other useful places.

Violet City: The first Johto Gym and the Sprout Tower are located here.

Azalea Town: Famous for Slowpoke Well and the second gym in Johto.

Goldenrod City: A busy city with a big store, a place to play games, and the third gym in Johto.

Ecruteak City: This includes the Burned Tower, the Kimono Dance Theater, and the fourth Johto Gym.

Olivine City: Has Glitter Lighthouse and fifth Johto Gym.

Where are the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Lugia and Ho-Oh can be found in the Whirl Islands and Embedded Tower. After becoming Johto Champion, players can go to the Kanto region to find more legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo and Legendary Birds.

How do I get to Kanto in SoulSilver?

After beating the Elite Four and Champion, take the S.S. Aqua in Olivine City to Vermilion City in Kanto. Explore cities like Pallet Town and Lavender Town and challenge Kanto Gyms.

Where is Red in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To battle Red, go to the top of Mt. Silver. Red is waiting there with a team of strong Pokemon. This is a tough challenge for skilled trainers who want to prove themselves in the game.


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