Borderlands 2 Console Commands 

The use of cheat codes allows you to have a stable aim toward the enemy with unlimited ammo and unlock every weaponry available in the inventory. You can get any of the action fields with the best armor available.

It makes things a lot easier and more interesting for you, especially when you get the enemies located by yourself. You can find the cheats over the internet and after accessing them you can rule the war field with unlimited ammunition and the highest level.

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How to get access to the console commands?

It’s important to learn a bit more depth regarding the BL2 terminal instructions now that you’ve gained a basic understanding of what they do. The whole first element you need to learn in this regard is how to operate them properly. They are exploits that you must type into the videogame company’s dashboard, as the name suggests.

You must thus get accessibility to it, and we’re going to outline your required steps in this article. Understand that this is just feasible for the PC edition of the video game at this moment. Therefore, console players will experience certain negative effects since they must complete the gameplay without extraordinary ability.

In light of this, we would explain methods to enable the gaming terminal on both Windows and Mac. This can also get you access to borderlands 2 codes that spawn enemies.

  • Locate the game’s installation directory.
  • then access the willow game folder contained within.
  • Open the configuration folder.
  • After entering it, look for the Wilowinput.ini document and enter it in the notebook.
  • When you open it, a sizable list will show up. The Engine. console component may be found here.

Console Commands List

Camera 3rdYou can also achieve third camera mode by activating this command.
DeveloperUnlockAnAchievement [titleID]If you wish to open the realisation, use it.

Duplicating weapons, items, and money

Regarding the borderlands, 2 noclip commands, Include at least one additional participant and begin a cooperative game. To start a transaction, approach the player beside you. Send them the weaponry, objects, or cash you want to replicate.

Instantly end the gameplay sans storing after that. Because the match did not even have whenever you exchanged the weaponry, things, or cash, both you and the second player who received them currently possess them.

The opposing player may then use a similar technique to offer you guns, stuff, or cash. You may perform this as numerous times as you want. To avoid the game mistakenly downloading when exchanging things, do not exchange goods close to an automated save spot.

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Developer Unlocking 

  • DeveloperUnlockAnAchievement [titleID]
  • DeveloperUnlockAllCustomizations
  • DeveloperSpawnAwesomeItems
  • DeveloperLoaded
  • DeveloperDemigod
  • DeveloperFreeLevels [numLevels]
  • DeveloperGiveCash [amount]
  • DeveloperGiveEridium [amount]
  • DeveloperCompleteAllChallengesToLevel [level]
  • KillEnemies
  • OpenGL [MapName]

Item ids

Infinite ammunition

A Vladof missile weapon and a complete stockpile are required for this bug. Place the grenade cannon on the bottom to begin. Have a different firearm in your grip that fires one another round of ammunition each time.

Replace the rocket’s shooter using the weaponry you are now carrying when standing over through the missile cannon. You might now possess an infinite supply of ammunition, but not missiles or bombs, and eventually leads you to the borderlands 2 console commands god mode.


Gub – Laney, The Fridge
General – Rakk Man, The Fridge
Hornet – Knuckledragger, Southern Shelf
Infinity (Caustic) – Doc Mercy, Southpaw Steam & Power

Quickly reaching Level 50 with a new character

Having a monster that is Level 50, vanquish The Warrior. Plunge into the flames whenever you have the choice of killing Jack or letting Lucifer destroy him. The vanquished versions of Jack and The Warrior would then be immediately stored.

After that, select “Save and Quit.” If you decide to keep playing, you will begin the gameplay close to Jack and still need to murder them. Choose a person you wish to progress up quickly to 50 after that. Best for the borderlands 2 console command to kill enemies. Try our Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl Console Commands.

Game Summary

The gameplay is once suddenly situated on the continent of Pan and takes action five years after the happenings of Borderlands (2009). The plot centers on a new set of Tomb Seekers who, to stop the oppressive Charming Jack from gaining access to a fresh Terminal, must join forces with the Scarlet Raider, a rebel organization thought up of citizen refugees and guerilla warriors.

The video game allows players to participate together or in single-player disconnected split-screen mode while exploring the virtual environment and completing additional secondary operations. Such borderlands 2 enables developer commands.

The videogame, like its predecessors, has a randomly created loot engine that may produce countless permutations of weaponry and other equipment. The main game has four selectable hero types, including a special Combat Skill. For example, Axton, “the Warrior,” can call a cannon to aid in the offense.

Maya, “the Nightingale,” can “phase lock” opponents by enclosing them for a brief period in an electromagnetic bubble. To divert opponents, Zer0, alias “the Assassins,” can briefly turn undetectable and produce a holographic illusion. Diego, as “the Gunzerker,” can briefly dual-wield firearms by using his eponymous talent.

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