L4D2 Console Commands

You can use the commands by using the AI manager. The “AI Manager 2.0” modifies the game in a generative manner. It keeps track of how well the gamers are doing and modifies the situation accordingly to create a dynamically challenging experience of I4d2 console commands multiplayer.

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How to open Left 4 Dead 2 console commands on PC?

You will need to go to the top screen to access the Menu settings. You may customize the settings for both the keypad and the mouse. Check to see whether the Developers Console has been activated.

  • To access the cheat console while you are playing a game
  • Hit the tilde key located on your keyboard.
  • If the commands are not working after you have entered the unique code that you want to use
  • You must then press the Enter key to make it active.

Left 4 Dead 2 Console Commands List

Description Code
Get a pipe boomb. give pipe_bomb
Get a propane tank. give propane tank

Commands Benefits


You may access the Menu settings by going to the top screen. Choose your settings for the keypad and mouse. Make sure that the Developers Console is enabled. During gaming, bringing up the cheat console is accomplished by pressing the keyboard shortcut key (~) .

To activate cheat mode, type sv_cheats 1, then hit Enter on your keyboard. Insert the special code that you want to use, then click Enter to activate it. Below are the left 4 dead 2 useful console commands.

Description Code
Set the smoker’s tongue attack’s maximum range (Default is 750). tongue_range number
Decide how much harm you wish to inflict on the surviving. z_pounce_damage number

Get infinite money in the l4d2?

Within the context of the game duplicate bug is a pretty clever technique that may be employed. Users that take advantage of this trick have the potential to make even more money according to their preferences by I4d2 console commands for replicating replaceable items an unlimited number of times.

This exploit might be used to make several numbers several in return for money, which is required for the extraction of millions of bytes from the game’s server. You should also be aware that you can use the money you earn from the gaming to buy more armament and other necessities for the game to yourself interested in it and unlock new levels for yourself.

  • Attribute pointers during character creation
  • During character creation set available skill points to 7
  • Infinite ammo clip
  • EXP multiplier
  • Infinite HP
  • Always have max durability
  • Pointer to bits (View Character Menu)
  • Pointers to player current and max health
  • Pointers to player reputation

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The l4d2 Spawning

To enable the spawning of things, we will need to get into the administrator mode on the console. This will allow us to do the appropriate actions. In a game when there is only one player, you may achieve this by clicking “enter” and then entering “/admin 1” into the control box that appears after you do so.

This will allow you to take administrative control of the game. This will get you access to every controller that the game has to offer.. If you enable this option, you will not only get access to all of the techniques for creating, but you will also become immune to any harm that is dealt to you and you will no longer feel any energy loss. Crosshair 1 works for I4d2 console commands crosshair.

The l4d2 Weapon Ids

They have added a wide range of formidable weapons, each of which is unique in its way, so that you may have the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience possible while playing the game. During the course, you will encounter several opportunities to acquire greater weapons at different places.

They are distinguishable from one another not just in terms of their external appearance but also in terms of the functions that they carry out in society. If you have achieved a particular level, you will also have the opportunity to add characteristics that may be customized weapons that you employ.

When we speak about high-velocity armament, we are talking about items like missile launchers, pistols, guns, rifles, firestones, assault rifles, and revolvers, among other things.


Name of Mission Clan Chief 
Erchius Extraction Skill No specific clan Erchius Archives
Observance Chase Cavities Floran Ixodoom

How to increase carry weight in The l4d2?

Major weapons in L4D2 may be found in one of three categories. Level 1, 2, 3. It thus helps make it simpler to determine that either would by default guideline be nicer; moreover, throughout specific circumstances, a shotgun may be a great deal helpful especially in comparison to an automatic rifle due to their stopping distance, trying to clear possibilities, and capability to kill a witch in one hit, whilst also assault guns are gunshot sprinklers that really can slow down contaminated with the continual harm outcome.

When you need to unload, revolvers become useful since they have a greater ability to clear the area. These, on the other hand, may be broken down into two groups that don’t have a great deal of variation, but one of them can be a better fit for the player’s preferred playing technique compared to the other.

Conserving ammunition isn’t as beneficial in the gameplay, but some command maps or locations could have a gameplay dynamic that is outright tougher, which can promote the usage more.

About the Game:

Valve’s 1st shooter game l4d2 was launched in 2010 and was created and distributed by the company. It was published for Os X and X – box 360 in Nov 2011, for Apple’s Macintosh Osx X in Oct 2012, and for Unix in Jul 2014. It is the sequel to Left 4 Dead (2008), which was developed by Turtles Rock Productions, and it is the 2nd game in the l4d  sequence.

The collaboratively centered multiplayer and Valve’s own Generated technology, which was also utilized in the first installment of the Left 4 Dead series, is carried over into the sequel, Left 4 Dead 2. The video game takes place in the aftermath of a catastrophic outbreak, and the main characters are 4 new Surviving members who are tasked with fending off swarms of zombies called the Infectious agent.

Left 4 Dead 2 PC Console Commands


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