7 Days To Die Console Commands 

The goal of 7 Days to Die is to survive despite the environment and the swarms of zombies for about as long as necessary after spawning either a dynamically produced globe or the preconfigured environment of Navezgane, Mexico.

Because it’s a survivor’s adventure, the team’s protagonist will always be thirsty, hungry, and susceptible to harm from things like disease and poison. The show’s polygon mesh gameplay makes it easy to construct and destroy items in a realistic physics-based setting.

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As the gameplay develops, the player will need to find or craft additional tools since those they have been using will eventually break down. The player may also collect and craft the resources needed to make various things among both the natural world and the ruins of civilization. Further in this article, you can find the 7 DTD commands item list.

How to use 7 days to die commands?

First, you’ll need to turn on the development terminal so you can enter the following instructions. The computer settings may be edited or downloadable content installed to do this. Gameplay-wise, navigating the 7 DTD item id command center is a breeze. For your convenience, I’ve laid down all the specifics in sequential order beneath.

  • The initial thing you should do is launch Microsoft Manager and rummage around in one’s the game folder to see if there are any more problems.
  • Finally, select “Browse” from the context menu that appears when users correct the game in the Amazon Collections.

7 Days To Die Console Commands List

Code Effect
giveself [item id] [level (1-6)] Give yourself what you desire at the degree of quality you desire.
buff [buff id] Applies a benefit to you or another player nearby.
debuff [buff id] You or the player close should not receive the bonus.

7 Days To Die commands

Spawning Commands

The following group of the game gamepad instructions pertains to generating and conjuring several types of playing effects:

7 Days To Die cheats

For PC

If you are a pc user and looking for cheats for the game, item ids alpha 20 then we got you covered. While creating a fresh match, choose the “Custom” section and toggle the “Cheat Option” to “Yes” to permit cheating.

Innovative Dishes

After activating Cheat Code, pressing U will open the Artistic Options window. Any object in the gameplay may be created in this way.

Moyens de d’Autôno

Clicking F1 will open up the control terminal where you may activate God Time by typing dm and hitting Return. Click Q to enter God Power.


To use the cheating feature that allows you to hover across the screen by pressing H, the cheat option must first be activated. To ascend, use the back button; to descend, hit the C key. Simply pressing H repeatedly will turn it off. Holding Shift while in flight will increase your speed.

Cheat  Effect
chunk cache Display every loaded chunk that has been cached.
log-level [log level] [true/false] Choose the categories of log messages to display.

Different Cheat Modes 

You may access the Cheat Style choice in 7 Days to Die by navigating into the configuration on the Resume Session or Starting New Campaign window. You can decide whether or not other gamers have accessibility to the Creativity Option in the gameplay while you are using the Cheat Option.

If this option is turned on, users would be allowed to choose and position any object that is accessible through the Creative Option to avail 7 DTD commands skill points.

  • The M command in the game activates the Artist’s Palette.
  • Goddess status may be turned on and off by using the Q key.
  • Hovering may be turned on and off by pressing the H key. Use the Space bar to fast rise while in the air, and the C key to quickly fall. Shift held down while flying boosts your speed.
  • Glide Option has never been included in the platform versions and is now only accessible on PC.

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Additional features

The game has a supplemental functionality accessible through console arguments that may be used to aid gamers throughout the game’s many stages. Many players believe that by just entering a cheat key, they would be able to breeze through the rest of the gameplay with no effort. However, you won’t have recourse to these instructions until you’ve completed a couple of stages on their solo.

7 Days To Die Console Commands

More things to use the codes

  • The second procedure is to access the modification folder in Device Manager inside the identical folder using 7 days die terminal instructions.
  • In the fourth stage, you’ll go to – configuration – basic and access the default settings.
  • using Jupyter notebook or just plain Windows to edit the.ini file.
  • Next, paste “DBGConsoleOn=true” (even without quotes) into the statement’s bottom section, where you may access terminal instructions.
  • The game will now operate without any problems if you keep the package within the original location.

7 Days to Die Command Console Guide | Basic Console Commands

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