Outer Worlds Console Commands

The outer world is exactly the kind of game that offers you plenty of freedom to do whatever you want but if you want even more, you can use cheats and luckily, the outer world comes with several console commands.

Some of the commands that you can use will allow you to add in-game currency, give you god mode, add a perk, and so much more. You can use the item list to grant yourself any item or resource you want. You may also use the attribute to receive as many attribute points as you want.

How to use the commands?

These cheats can only be used by PC players and they will not work on your console.

  • First, have to download an outer world’s console command enabler.
  • This enabler will display the console command in the game.
  • Without using an outer world console command enabler, you will not be able to toggle the console and enter the cheats. Then Open it.
  • Once the console is displayed on the screen, you can then enter the various commands and benefit from their functions.
  • You can use these commands on Steam as well as the Epic Games store.

Outer Worlds Commands List

TeleportThis press command is used to teleport your character to the position of the camera.
SetWeaponLevel 1You can set your armament position by executing this command.

Popular outer worlds console commands

You might not be able to use these console commands in an actual console but you can use the Windows store command. People who obtained the game through the game pass can also use the outer worlds game pass commands.

Add item command

RPG games reward exploration with a ton of different resources but finding that one resource to upgrade your stuff might take a lot of time due to the randomness element in these games. Players can fix this problem if they don’t mind using cheats by using the item list.

To spawn a specific item, you will have to enter AddItemDebug into the console followed by the ID of the item and you will be granted that item.

Skill Points

If you want to give your character some major passive buffs through perks, you will first have to earn some. However, you can only acquire perks by leveling up, and getting all of them will not be possible from the very start of your playthrough. However, one way still exists.

By using the skill points commands, you can give your character any number of skill points you may want. These skill points will allow you to gain attribute commands which you can then use to purchase a certain perk.

God Mode

God mode is a fairly common cheat in most games and it is one that players look forward to using the most. This cheat will make your character fully invulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Your damage may not increase from this cheat but it does not matter as your character will never die so you can take down even the toughest foe and also explore the world for as long as you want without the fear of dying and losing your stuff.

Add currency command

When you first start your outer world’s playthrough, you will be thrown into the open world with nothing. You won’t have much money to spend anything on and get powerful weapons as having such items at such an early game will break the experience for many players.

But the game still supports the option of having infinite currency for anyone who doesn’t care about not cheating and wants to get everything from the start.

Weapon Ids

How do I open console commands in outer worlds?

To open the console and enable console commands in outer worlds, you will have to download a console enabler for the game. Once installed, launch the game and press the tilde key (~) to open the console and enter your desired cheats.

Can you mod the outer worlds on PC?

Yes, you can do so. If you want to experience the game differently, then you may download mods and install them and enjoy a completely new experience of the game depending on the mod.

What is the max level in outer worlds?

Originally, the outer worlds had a level cap of 33. Later, the developers introduced a DLC that also increased the level cap of the game by three levels. The max level cap is now 99. A player using skill points command skill points can easily level up very fast and hit the level cap.

How many hours is 100 percent outer worlds?

Completing the main story of the outer worlds will take you around 13 hours. If you want to finish every side quest and experience everything that the game has to offer, then it will take you about 38 hours.

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