Pokemon Showdown Commands

The Organization, a business laid out by Nintendo, Game Oddity, and Animals, is responsible for dealing with the Japanese media character. The establishment, which Satoshi Tajiri established in 1996, is centered around made-up “Pokemon” creatures. In this computer game, individuals who are known as Pokemon Regulators catch and train Pokemon for serious play.

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How to use Pokemon showdown commands?

This is the type of code for the game server of the website for battling Pokemon. All of the games to date’s solo and double battles are simulated in Showdown.

  • Keep in mind that a server machine is a need for setting up a server.
  • You can utilize your pc as a server, but for others to access it,
  • you must expose a port “the default is 8000,
  • but you can choose a different one” which occasionally calls for port forwarding “be aware that this isn’t possible on all internet connections”

Pokemon Showdown Cheat Codes List



weakness Matches the type of [Type] against all types.
coverage Provides a list of all types that match [Type].
Calculator A link to the damage estimator.
mod join + It restricts communication between the participants and keeps the battle secret. A /room voice [Player] is convenient for spammers and allows more conversation and participation.
headroom Both the Watch a Battle page and your profile will show the battle has been removed from the current list of battles. In contrast to mod join, direct connections are still available to anyone.
Ionext Your subsequent battle will automatically be affected. When you are being sniped at by someone, this is good.

Command Weakness

The kind of a Pokemon determines whether it is more powerful or less powerful than other Pokemon. If you have the upper hand, your damage will be extremely effective, and if you are at a disadvantage, your damage will be ineffective. To maximize your damage output, familiarize yourself with the 18 Pokemon types as sometimes an attack may have no impact at all.

Type Strong against Weak to
Normal   Fighting
Fighting Normal, rock, steel, ice, dark Flying, fairy
flying Fighting, grass Rock, electric, ice
Poison fairy Ground
Ground Poison, steel, fire Water, grass, ice
Rock bug, ice ground
Bug Grass Flying, rock, fire
Ghost Ghost Ghost, dark
Steel Ice, rock, fairy Fighting, ground
Fire Bug, grass, Ground, rock, water
Water Ground, rock, fire Grass
Grass Ground, rock, water Fire, flying, bug

Avatar Commands

Offers personalized avatars!

I’ll list every unique avatar I could find in the Showdown simulator. A few people helped me out by pointing out certain avatars I overlooked. This is only applicable to avatars used in Showdown in the past or present.

A personalized avatar is what?

A custom avatar is just available to a certain user or room. Only this user has access to these because they were created expressly for them.

How can I create a unique avatar?

On the Showdown, Simulator you must be a worldwide driver (%) or a contributor to receive a custom avatar (think of tier contributions, sprinting, development team, etc.)

Command tools

The Pokemon community has traditionally used Pokemon Showdown as a platform for competitive combat rather than the real games. This is why terms like OU, UU, PU, etc. are frequently used when discussing Pokemon in a competitive context. Many players are uncertain about what these terms represent because they are not used in the Pokemon games or the VGC.

These phrases are taken from  Showdown, a downloadable computer programmer that can also be used in a web browser that enables competitive Pokemon combat with players from all around the world. The game offers a variety of team building and met games so that players can sharpen their skills and experience how different elements affect a certain format.

Command Rules

Main rules Chats rules Username rule
Be gentle to people Follow chat room rules Impersonate name
Follow law Don’t troll Not insult the names
No sexual discussion No mod Unreferenced name with sex 
Cheating not allow Zero arguments No advertisement of the name 
Punishment for moderators Use of English only  


To immerse players in the serious Pokemon scenario more effectively, Showdown was designed to replicate the Wi-Fi Pokemon game situations in a more stable environment. This assistant’s purpose is to explain to new customers how Showdown operates and integrate those customers into the neighborhood as a whole.

The Top 5 Pokemon Showdown Commands YOU NEED TO KNOW

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