Stardew Valley Item Codes

Stardew Valley is a sandbox experience and to complement that there are many item codes in the game to assist casual players. Stardew valley Reddit has many skilled players sharing codes and info.

Eric Barone is the game designer of the simulation role-playing video game known as Stardew Valley. In the game Stardew Valley, players assume the position of a character who, after their grandpa passes away, takes over the management of their grandfather’s run-down farm. In February 2016, the game was first made available for the Windows platform before being converted to other platforms.

The gameplay in Stardew Valley is completely open-ended, allowing players to engage in a variety of pursuits such as cultivating crops, tending to farm animals, fishery, cooking food, quarrying, and scavenging, as well as interacting with the locals in the form of social interactions such as getting married and having children.

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How to use Stardew valley item codes?

To generate new goods, you must give your character a name that contains one to three of the following numbers, with each quantity included in brackets. For instance, you may give your protagonist the name [611] if you believe you will have a consistent need for those products.

  • If you do so, the game will randomly generate one or more of the specified things anytime your name is spoken anywhere inside the game world.
  • It is important to take note that you may also use the same strategy when naming an animal that you are purchasing; however, this strategy only works once. To find out stardew valley item prismatic shard keep on reading.
  • Visit the saloon on any Monday and have a conversation with Gus. The first time he sees you, he will greet you with a general greeting, and then from that point on, he will use your complete name whenever he greets you.
  • You are welcome to stay at the saloon from noon until two in the morning, even if you end up falling asleep there. You will now have 14 hours to spam Gus, and you will be able to produce hundreds of the goods in your name each Monday. The list below will have stardew valley item code 1.5 version.

Stardew Valley Item Codes List

Item Spawn Code Item  Item Description
[0] Weeds Undoubtedly a tangle of poisonous plants.
[2] Stone a typical material having several applications in construction and crafts
[4] Stone a typical material having several applications in construction and crafts
[16] Wild Horseradish a springtime root that is spicily

How to Spawn Items by using item codes in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, there are no instructions that can be utilized to bend the rules in items; rather, you must take advantage of a glitch that enables you to label things either yourself or a living creature the ID of an object, and then obtain that object at a selected spot in the game’s progression.

You can use this bug to cheat in items by naming yourself or a living creature the ID of an object. There are now two methods that are known that may be used for this:

  • By buying an animal and naming it: When you buy an animal and call it with a maximum of three IDs enclosed by square brackets, you will obtain the things with the given IDs. The disadvantage of this is that it will cost you cash to purchase the animal, but the benefit is that it may be done several times throughout a game.
  • By naming your character: You may name your character with up to three different IDs, and you will get the things anytime you talk to a peasant that speaks your name. This can be done by naming your avatar the IDs you desire to generate in the game. Since you are unable to modify your name in Stardew Valley, this is a disadvantage of this technique.

Spawning Items by Naming an Animal

Purchasing an animal to use as a source of item creation has the drawbacks of costing money and requires you to have progressed to a stage in the game where you can buy animals. To get started, go to Marnie’s Ranch, talk to a Marnie there, and pick “Purchase Animals” from the menu.

Choose an animal to buy from the menu labeled “Livestock.” If you’re on a tight budget, getting a chicken is your best bet since it’s the least expensive option. When you have decided on an animal to use, all that is required of you to produce things is to set its name such that it contains the IDs of the objects you want to spawn, enclosed by square brackets.

When you attempt to set the title of your animal, you will get the warning message “Invalid Name” if the name is less than five characters long. You will not be able to register a name if it is too short.

The ID for ancient seeds is 114; thus, if we wished to spawn one with our chicken, we would give it the name “[114]”, as seen above. You’ll have to buy another chicken if you want to spawn another item; sadly, you can’t simply rename it. If you want to spawn another item, you’ll need to buy another chicken.

Of course, if you wanted to, you could produce even more with just one chicken. If you wished to create a Ruby with an ID of 64, an Amethyst with an ID of 66, and a Diamond with an ID of 72, all you will have to do is give your chicken the name “[64][66][72].”

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Spawning Items by Naming Your Character


The disadvantage of naming your protagonist is that it could only be done once, at the beginning of the game, contrasting naming an animal with the IDs of the things you desire to generate. If you give your character a name that includes up to three item IDs in square brackets, you can immediately begin cheating items into Stardew Valley.

Name your character “[645][446][163]” to have the chance to produce the Iridium Sprinkler with ID 645, the Rabbit’s Foot with ID 446, and the Legend Fish with ID 163. 74 is the ID for the Prismatic Shard, which is why we used it as part of our protagonist’s name in the illustrative example below.

Talk to a villager who uses your character’s name in conversation with you after you’ve given it to them. Below is an example of how to interact with Gus, who works at the Stardrop Saloon, where he will use your character’s name in conversation.

The villagers, such as Gus, will give you the stuff you requested after they verify the IDs you attached to your name. You may contact them once more to reclaim the stuff. By using the “name your animal” code, you may generate fresh resources without having to start a new game.

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