Imperator Rome Console Commands 

An exemplary war game, Imperator: Rome has been in charge of the hearts for more than 10 years. Certain components of the game can go through a lift or they are no longer required. Indeed, in comes the game console commands.

Along with the game console commands, you can totally rebuild your imperator. From various customizations to extra elements, the choices are countless. You can damage, destroy or eliminate soldiers of fortune, begin nationwide conflict, produce things and considerably more. 

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How to use Imperator Rome commands?

To get this access, you really want to enable the game from the console which is already defaulted. If you want to play the game in debug mode it is very important that you debug it prior. For enabling the troubleshoot mode you need to go to the main menu in the game and tap right on the properties option.  

  1. In Imperator: Rome, the console can be opened by pressing ` on US/UK keyboards.
  2. Other keys that may work to open the console include: §, ~, ^, °, or ². If none of those work, we recommend trying: SHIFT + 2, SHIFT + 3, and ALT + 2 + 1.
  3. Press enter after adding the command.

Console Commands List

Name Codes
3dstats 3dstats
ae ae [amount]
ai ai [country tag]
aistats aistats
aiview aiview
amnesia amnesia [country tag]
annex annex [country tag]
army army [amount] [province id]
army_loyalty army_loyalty [province id] [loyalty amount]
cash cash [amount]
centralization centralization [percentage]
civil_war civil_war [country tag]
clear clear
clear_aistats clear_aistats
coat_of_arms coat_of_arms [country tag]
compoundnodeeditor compoundnodeeditor
conquer conquer [province id]
control control [province id / country tag]
crash crash
debug_mode debug_mode
declare_war declare_war [country tag] [country tag]
delay_diplo delay_diplo
destroy_mercenaries destroy_mercenaries
dumpdatatypes dumpdatatypes
eagerness eagerness [country tag]
enable_dev_cheats enable_dev_cheats
error error
event event [event id] [country tag / province id / character id]
event_queue event_queue
execute execute [country tag]
exile exile
explorer explorer
forcepeace forcepeace [country tag]
tweak fow tweak fow
gamelog gamelog
halt halt
healthy_economy healthy_economy
help help [command]
helphelp helphelp
helplog helplog
horde horde [province id]
instant_war instant_war
kick kick [player name]
kill kill [character id]
legitimacy legitimacy [amount]
load load [file name]
loading_screen loading_screen
make_child make_child [character id] [character id]
manpower manpower [amount]
map_editor map_editor
mapmode mapmode [map mode id]
marry marry [character id] [character id]
minidump minidump [file name]
months months [country tag] [country tag]
mpstats mpstats
music.togglepause music.togglepause
navy navy [amount] [province id]
nomen nomen
observe observe
oos_dump oos_dump
output_terrain output_terrain
particleeditor particleeditor
pirates pirates [province id]
planaction planaction [index]
players players
portrait_editor portrait_editor
power power [amount]
ppa ppa [country tag]
prefer prefer [country tag]
print_randomlog print_randomlog
printmap printmap [map mode] [file name]
refresh_mercenaries refresh_mercenaries
release_mode release_mode
reload reload [file name]
rendertype rendertype
replan replan [country tag]
replay replay
revolt revolt [country tag]
save save [file name]
screenshot screenshot
script_docs script_docs
select_province select_province [province id]
set_age set_age [character] [age]
settings settings
setup_editor setup_editor
shader_debug shader_debug
spawnentity spawnentity [entity id] [state id]
stab stab [amount]
state_loyalty state_loyalty [province id] [amount]
statistics statistics
switchlanguage switchlanguage [language name]
t t [country name]
tag tag [country tag]
tech tech [amount]
test_save test_save
testchar testchar
teststatus teststatus
textureviewer textureviewer
tick tick
tick_day tick_day [amount]
time time
timing timing [off / show / log / all]
tweak tweak [tweaker gui name]
tyranny tyranny [amount]
unrest unrest [province id] [amount]
update update
version version
vsync vsync
warexhaustion warexhaustion [amount]
watch watch
winter winter
yesmen yesmen

Rome allows you to define your objectives for yourself, from being the king of the world as Rome to bringing down one of its behemoths while playing as a smaller or modest country. However, in any case, it doesn’t generally come as simple as always.

You should always have some imperative Rome console commands. They can demonstrate very conveniently when games start getting tricky.  

Cheats & Commands Benefits

This mind-blowing game that satisfies the procedure commands will actually want to fulfill their most updated features. In this sense, we can characterize them as a series of commands that once we enter them in the game control center will permit us to get to different tools to explore specific parts of the game.

You can easily know about the parts and the scenarios happening in the game. It is very easy. For example,  war or harmony, assembling territories, or growing your political power. This large number of perspectives will be readily available with the Imperator Rome Console Commands. 

Using imperator Rome console commands is very beneficial. As it customizes the game according to the player’s will. Through this, you can have a higher chance of winning the game. Also, you can easily confuse the opposite player easily. There is a detailed chart available through which you can easily choose imperator Rome console commands.  

Once you play the customized version you are not going back. You are surely going to enjoy it. Customization is very necessary as it modifies and updates the features of the game.

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How does It work on windows? 

As you have already read the guide and have learned various details about the imperator Rome console command. You are well aware of its features, updating commands, and how it is going to work. The commands are very helpful throughout the game.

It makes it very easy and simple. In case you are stuck somewhere you are not going to restart the level again. You can simply use the imperator Rome console command and you are going to clear the level. For more understanding below are console commands traits that will help you in commanding the game on the Windows 

  1. Initially, you have to search for the folder where you have downloaded the game. 
  2. After that, open the folder and create a shortcut folder and choose the file to be saved on the desktop.  
  3. After that right-click on the properties 
  4. You will see the ” debug_mode ” option down below. 
  5. Click on that option and you will console commands on windows

Commands not working accurately 

Initially accessible at one single tap. Imperator Rome’s control center orders and cheats presently require an additional step to get in working. In case you are running the steam form tap on the right-click in the game library. In the main tab, you will see an exchange box, simply under the launch Options segment.

You only have to add “- debug_mode” there, without any quotation marks. A lot of people just copy-paste as it is, that’s why it doesn’t work accurately. These accomplishments can’t be utilized during an ironman in multiplayer matches. Always follow the instructions prior. 

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As you all know console commands are very beneficial in the game. Here are a few of them. 

  1. Critical Thinking 

These commands in-game make players think critically.  As there are various other sources through which you can take the information. But applying codes in the game can increase your chances of winning the game. For applying command codes you can watch video tutorials as well. 

  1. Developing persistence. 

When you learn how to implement codes or commands in the game you become persistent. At times when a player is playing the game and he gets stuck somewhere, he leaves the game there and then.

For that purpose, we have made this imperator some console commands which help the players to clear all the hurdles and obstacles.

Imperator: Rome – How to enable & use Console Commands & Cheats

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