Pokemon Moon Black 2 Cheats

Pokemon moon black 2 features all the cheats that you could use in the plain pokemon black 2 games. The addition of new Pokemon in moon black 2 makes the use of cheats even more fun and allows you to check out everything that the new version has to offer without much trouble. You can use these codes for various purposes.

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One of the most common and popular cheats among Pokemon games is the rare candy which grants a player unlimited rare candies. You can use these cheats very easily on a Nintendo DS or if you are willing to use the emulator, you can try to download Drastic.

How to use these Cheats?

If you are playing pokemon moon black 2 on a Nintendo DS, then using cheats is very easy. You can simply look up any code and then enter it.

  • You will need the actual ROM file of the game.
  • Once you have both things, open the emulator and load the pokemon moon black 2 ROM file from your emulator.
  • Once loaded, go to the cheats function of your emulator and enter any cheat you want to use in the game one by one.
  • Any cheat that you will enter here will be saved here forever and you will not have to enter it again every time you want to use it.
  • Once the cheats have been entered, you can finally use these codes.
  • You can use all the Pokemon cheats using action replay on your emulator.

Pokemon Moon Black 2 Cheat List

01D510B4+Press LZ moves can be accessed without Z crystals with its assistance.
E3A04003It is used for instant messages
5802EBF0Unwilling trainer battles can be removed by it.

Benefits of Using These Codes

Rare candy

Moon Black 2 comes with several new Pokemon that players will be looking to catch and level up. Leveling a Pokemon through normal means can take quite some time which is why many players use the infinite rare candy cheat. This cheat allows you to get unlimited rare candies in pokemon moon black 2. When a rare candy is used on a Pokemon, its level will increase by one and its chances of evolution will also increase.

Wild pokemon modifier

Encountering rare pokemons is very difficult. But you can make life easier on yourself by using the cheat wild Pokemon modifier. This cheat will allow you to change what wild Pokemon you will encounter while playing the game.

Walk through walls

If you are looking to speedrun the game or you just want to visit the later parts of the game very early on in your playthrough, then you can use a certain cheat that will allow you to walk straight through anything in your path. If there is a wall in front of you or an obstruction, you can simply ignore them and walk straight through with this cheat.

Complete Pokedex

If you like to have a complete Pokedex with yourself, it can be convenient. However, having a complete Pokedex is a very difficult task. This is the reason many players may prefer to use the cheat that will complete all of your Pokedex and you will have information on every Pokemon with you at all times.

Master ball

Because pokemon moon black 2 comes with a lot of new pokemons, you are going to need some master balls if you are going to catch them all. You can use the master ball cheat so you can have an infinite number of master balls and you will be able to catch every Pokemon in the game.

Does Pokemon have cheats?

Yes, pokemon games do have cheats including pokemon moon black 2. Pokemon moon black includes all the cheats that were previously available in pokemon black 2.

Can you mega-evolve in moon black 2?

Yes, you can upgrade pokemons to the mega evolution in pokemon moon black 2. Upgrading a Pokemon to mega might take you some time normally but by using cheats, you can easily make any Pokemon a mega very quickly.

Can you get banned for cheating in Pokemon?

You will only get banned in Pokemon for using third-party cheats and continuing to use them for PVP even after receiving a warning. However, using the cheats offered by the developers themselves will never get you banned.

What is the shiny rate in moon black 2?

In pokemon moon black 2, the probability of encountering a shiny Pokemon is 1 in 8196. If you want to catch one, the odds are pretty low and you might never encounter one. But you can use cheats in the game to obtain shiny Pokemon very easily.

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