Pokemon Ultra Moon Cheats for Citra [Working]

Another game for Pokemon fans to try out is pokemon ultra moon. People who use cheats to beat these games will also enjoy ultra moon as the game comes with a big variety of cheats to use from. Players of the game can use the codes to gain many benefits while playing the game.

These cheats can do lots of different things such as granting you infinite rare candies, and infinite master balls, allowing your character to walk through walls, and even changing the nature of wild Pokemon. You can use all these cheats for 3ds and also on PC using Citra.

How to use these Cheats?

If it’s for 3ds, you can easily do so by looking up the desired cheat and entering it using an Action Replay or Gameshark. If you want to use the Pokemon ultra moon codes on PC, you will have to get an emulator.

  • Once you have the ROM file and the Citra emulator, load the ROM file with Citra.
  • Load it up, go to the cheats function of your emulator, and input as many cheat as you want there.
  • You can then enjoy the game on your PC with cheats enabled.

Pokemon Ultra Moon Cheats List

Purpose & UsageCodes
[No Softban v1.2]004790B0 E3A04001
[Always Rainbow Pelago Beans v1.2]0044DEC0 E3A0600E
[Infinite Island Scans v1.2]00455678 E2400000

What are the Benefits of using these Codes?

Rare candy

If you want unlimited rare candies, you can use the cheat rare candy to do so. If you are looking to catch a lot of Pokemon or if you already have a lot of Pokemon and you want to level each of them to the max, then it will take considerable time which you may not be willing to spend.

You can use rare candies to ease the process but you only have a limited supply.

Exp multiplier

You can instantly max out any Pokemon by using this cheat by only fighting a few battles. This cheat will multiply every exp earned while playing the game by whatever amount you want it multiplied by.

Wild Pokemon modifier v1.2

If you are looking to catch a specific Pokemon in the game, the Pokemon modifier cheat will prove helpful to you. This cheat will allow you to change the code of the game to make it so that only the Pokemon that you have chosen will appear in the game.

Master ball

Want to keep all your pokemons in master balls rather than poke balls? Well, there is only one way to do so and that is by using the infinite master ball cheat which will grant you infinite master balls just like the name suggests.

How to use cheats in Drastic?

You can use cheats in drastic by loading the ROM file of the game and entering the cheats into the cheats menu of the emulator. You can input as many cheats as you like but using too many cheats at once will likely result in game crashes or bugs.

Does Pokemon have cheats?

Yes, pokemon does have cheats in their games including pokemon ultra moon. You can use these cheats to gain various advantages in the game series.

What is the Pokemon master code?

A master code is a cheat in Pokemon games that you will need to enter first before you can use cheats. Without entering a master code, you may or may not be able to use certain cheats in Pokemon games.

Is cheating in Pokemon bad?

No in general gameplay it’s not. If you use cheats that are offered by the game developers themselves, then there is no harm done. If you use third-party cheats to disturb the gameplay of other players, then it is a bad thing to do so.

Written by Heleen

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