Pokemon X and Y Cheats

Pokemon X and Y are two different games but there isn’t much difference between them as both games have the same cheat codes. Some of the cheats in Pokemon x and y will allow you to do many useful things such as having infinite rare candies, items, and money, and even giving you the ability to walk through walls.

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You can even change wild Pokemon encounters or increase the damage of all of your Pokemon. You can use cheats on 3ds very easily and if you want to play on PC, you can use codes for Citra.

How to use these Cheats?

If you will use 3ds, then it is very simple to use these cheats get Action Replay, and enjoy the game with Cheats enabled. If you want to play the game on your PC then follow these steps:

  • Pokemon X and Y can be played on your PC using Citra, an emulator.
  • Once you have Citra on your PC, you will have to download the ROM file of the game.
  • Once it is open go to the cheats function of the emulator and add any number of citra codes.
  • When all cheats have been entered, you can save the game cheats citra and use them whenever you want.

Pokemon X and Y Cheat List

Hold LIt helps to view IVs on the Pokemon Status Screen
Hold RIt enables you to view EVs on the Pokemon Status Screen.
080C79B0No Encounter will take place after its use.

What are the Benefits of using these codes?

Master Ball

Every Pokemon trainer dreams of having the best Pokemon and to achieve that dream, you will need a master ball to store your Pokemon. Unfortunately, you are only granted one master ball per playthrough but by using the master ball code, you can have any number of master balls as you want.

Infinite Rare Candies

Rare candies are an important resource to upgrade and level up your Pokemon as quickly as possible. But using this method will consume a lot of candies and they aren’t so easy to earn. Well, that is only if you don’t decide to use the rare candy code. You can use this cheat to acquire an infinite number of rare candies.

Walk through walls

Players can’t reach the later areas of the game as the path to these areas is usually blocked off. However, if you still want to reach these areas, you can use the cheat to walk through walls to walk through an object in the game and go wherever you want.

What happens if you cheat in Pokemon?

If you cheat in any Pokemon game and the developers catch you, you will either receive a warning or a complete ban. You will only get banned for using third-party cheats in Pokemon games.

Are coded Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y illegal?

No, they are not. Using coded Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y isn’t illegal. Using cheats and codes in Pokemon has always been a part of the series.

Do gamers use cheat codes?

Some gamers might use cheats in a game such as Pokemon X and Y to change and enhance their gaming experience. Using cheats, you can complete your playthrough of the game very fast.

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