Daggerfall Unity Console Commands 

What makes this game interesting is the fact that it is an open-source project game and to make it even more interesting is the use of the console and cheat commands. These cheats allow you to have control over a wider part of the game and settle things according to you.

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How to use console commands?

To use the console commands you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • In the first step, you need to start a new game or in case you are already on some level start from there.
  • After that press, the tilde (~) key and you will see a huge list of console interfaces.
  • Choose the command you want and press enter.
  • Some commands may require additional parameters or options, which should be included after the command name separated by a space.
  • Consult the game’s documentation or online resources for specific usage instructions.

Console Commands List

activateopens a door in a dungeon remotely, for example, to start an action object. overcomes the usual defenses against the opening.
addbrings new goods into the inventory. utilizes the following categories: torch, gold, magic, drug, map, book, armor, weapon, and cloth.
add_all_equipadds EVERY equipable item of a specific kind to the inventory. provides gear for the current character using criteria like "armor."

Daggerfall Unity Console Commands


This is an open-source game engine that recreates the classic RPG game Daggerfall. The set of tools and functions that can be accessed through the game’s console interface. These commands allow players to modify various aspects of the game, such as gameplay settings, graphics options, and game world parameters. The console is a text-based interface that can be opened by pressing the ~ key while in-game.

Using console commands to obtain items can affect the overall experience of the game and should be used only for troubleshooting or experimentation purposes. It’s recommended to play the game as intended and obtain items through normal gameplay whenever possible.


To obtain a walkthrough for a specific quest, use the given quest item command followed by the quest ID and the walkthrough item code. For example, givequestitem 1234 1385 would give the player a walkthrough for quest ID 1234.


To obtain armor, use the additem command followed by the armor code. For example, additem plate mail would give the player a set of plate mail armor.


To obtain guns, use the additem command followed by the gun code. For example, additem arquebus would give the player an arquebus gun.

What is the significant role of console commands?

The console commands in Daggerfall Unity serve several important roles, including:

Debugging and troubleshooting:

These commands can be used to diagnose and resolve issues in the game, such as bugs, glitches, and performance problems. For example, players can use commands to teleport to specific locations, reset quest stages, or adjust game settings to resolve issues.

Customization and experimentation: 

Commands not only increase your chances of winning the game. Players may experiment with various settings and setups to design their own special game experience.

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Weapon dump block 

In Daggerfall, it’s been vastly expanded. It’s a great chance for you and your date to experiment with different options and create an experience that’s perfect for either of them. Yes, there is a bunch to it. It is possible to upgrade your armor, weapons, and additional gear using replacement parts found in the trash we collect on our travels via commands to cure disease.

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Is it possible to adjust the game time scale using console commands?

To adjust the game’s time scale in the game using console commands, you can use the set timescale command. You can easily set up your time scale in the game by entering these commands. A value of 1.0 represents normal speed, while values lower than 1.0 will slow down time and values higher than 1.0 will speed up time.

How to use console commands to show or hide the debug windows in this game?

The console command to show or hide the debug windows in the game is toggle debug window. This command allows you to toggle the visibility of the debug windows, which can be helpful for monitoring various aspects of the game or troubleshooting issues.

The debug window displays various information about the game, including the player’s position and facing direction, frames per second, and other performance metrics. It also has a list of open missions, which is useful for keeping track of your advancement.

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How can we teleport to a specific location using console commands?

To teleport to a specific location using console commands in the game, you can use the tele2qmarker command. This command teleports the player to a quest marker, which can be set to any location in the game world.

After executing these commands, the player character should be teleported to the location of the selected quest marker. Note that the tele2qmarker command is primarily intended for use in quest-related tasks, but can be used for general teleportation purposes as well.

What console command can be used to change the weather?

To change the weather using console commands, you can use the setweather command. You can use this command to change the kind of weather that is currently in effect. After executing the command, the game should immediately update the weather to the selected type.

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