Starbound Item IDS

Action-adventure video game Starbound was created and released by Chucklefish. The action of Starbound takes place in a two-dimensional, randomly generated cosmos that the player can travel to find new armour, weapons, and other goods as well as to stop in at towns and settlements that various intelligent lifeforms call home.

For Microsoft Windows, operating system X, and Linux, Starbound was distributed in July 2016 after an early access period, and for Windows through Xbox Game Pass in December 2020.

Starbound Item List

Image Name Code
Protectorate Background Protectorate Background 14bback
Protectorate Background Protectorate Background 15back
Protectorate Background Protectorate Background 15bback
Rusty Pasty Rusty Pasty 16gbpasty

Weapon ID

In Starbound, there are many weapons available. The majority of weapons are procedurally produced, and each one has unique stats. Rarely will you come across the same weapon twice?

There are millions of possible combinations, but it’s not just about how they look—each of these has a unique behaviour. Weapons can be coloured to a player’s taste to offer individualised colours.

Weapon types

  • Ranged weapon
  • Melee weapon
  • Racial weapon

Spawn items

This command can now serve as your go-to universal spawner for all your item requirements. Additionally, the command will accept parameters for any other things you want to spawn. Different settings are needed for each type of object, and these values are saved in your player profile rather than the game’s actual asset.

If the universe you choose doesn’t employ altered properties from external modifications, you can use this to spawn heavenly things and transfer them to another person! Additionally, you can spawn bizarre weaponry, such as a rocket launcher that fires meteors! here is an instruction on how to spawn weapons.

Admin Command

Only users who have admin authentication and have turned on admin mode on their characters by typing /admin can use these commands.

Admin Command description
Wrap Location is describe
time wrap Add permanent time in the game
Set spawn point The spawn point is set by it
Spawn item It spawns the items

Bomb item ID

The detonation of a bomb damages every block it comes into contact with, as well as any monsters, NPCs, or players who are trapped in the blast. Bombs are explosive items that can be hurled. Underground, bombs can be found in chests, crates, undiscovered storage areas, or being sold by vendors. They may be used with one hand.

Type Items
Rarity common
Found in chests
Sell Value No value
Consumable Yes
Values Fixes

Starbound How To Spawn Items: Works In Starbound 1.0


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